Simple Design 3.0ct Princess Cut Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

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Rating :

I bought this to see if I the look of a solitaire on my finger. This is really nice – very sparkly and sits really high, which I love. The only thing to note is that I find the ring a little tight. I think this is because of the shape of the thicker band.

Rating :

The ring is stunning and for the price quite worth it. Now I am just a girl that loves a good sparkley gemstone so I absolutely love how sparkley tbe ring is and the rainbow light it reflects.

Rating :

Beautiful ring. My fiancé used it for 2 months while her ring was being finished and she got so many compliments. So much so that I joked about keeping that one, returning her real one and using the savings for something like a really nice TV! Turns out I was the only one who thought this was a good idea and long story short I still bought a real diamond ring. Now this one is the ring my wife wears when we travel. Still looks great.

Rating :

Very beautiful! Looks like it’s real! I wear this due to my hands are swelling and can’t wear my real diamond. I never wear as I wash my hands or while I put lotion on, I take it off before bed. It sparkles so pretty as the light hits it! You can see the pretty color coming off of it ive gotten so many compliments! Like saying to my husband, you did a great job!

Rating :

If you want that instant “Wow factor” & you don’t one anyone to miss it then this is the ring for you. Particularly lovely sparkle. Perfect fit, delivered quickly, quality presentation case. I have bought a few from this company & intend to buy more & recommend them to anyone. Depending on your lifestyle & how often you intend to wear it I would say it does stick out quite far from your finger so it might not always be practical & get caught on things but it would suit if you are looking for bling & you may well think it is well worth it

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Ring Sizing Reference

Ring Size Chart

4 14.9 46.8
4.5 15.3 48
5 15.7 49.3
5.5 16.1 50.6
6 16.5 51.9
6.5 16.9 53.1
7 17.3 54.4
7.5 17.7 55.7
8 18.1 57
8.5 18.5 58.3
9 19 59.5
9.5 19.4 60.8
10 19.8 62.1
10.5 20.2 63.4
11 20.6 64.6
11.5 21 65.9
12 21.4 67.2
12.5 21.8 68.5
13 22.2 69.7
13.5 22.6 71
14 23 72.3
14.5 23.4 73.6
15 23.8 74.8

Bracelet Sizing Reference

  1. Wrap the Paper arround the wrist to be sized.
  2. Mark the paper where it completes the circle.
  3. Measure from the beginning to the with a ruler.
  Your wrist length +2cm = Bracelet length
Wrist Size Bracelet Size
cm inch cm inch
15 6 16-17 6.3-6.7
16 6.3 17-18 6.7-7.1
17 6.7 18-19 7.1-7.5
18 7.1 19-20 7.5-7.9

Necklace Sizing Reference

Necklace Length Style Name Body Position
cm inch
35 14 Collar Fits close to neck
40 16 Choker Lies loosely around the neck
45 18 Princess Hangs at the collarbone
50 20 Matinee Reaches just pass the collarbone
60 24 Matinee Falls at or just above the top of the bust
70 28 Matinee Sits around the center of the bust
75 30 Opera, Lariat, Rope Drapes below the bust
80 32 Opera, Lariat, Rope Drapes below the bust